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French company specialised in wastewater recovery seeks industrial partners in Europe

The company has developed a new compact, all-in-one Zero Liquid Discharge system that reduces capital and operating costs and recovers up to 97% clean water. The system returns a solid waste product for reuse or recycling. Strengths of the system include resistance to scale, minimised corrosion, minimal labour requirements and a small footprint, and it is designed with over 90% recycled materials. To install and test the first industrial unit, the company is seeking industrial partners with a production site in Europe producing a heavy wastewater flow.

Request more information: BOFR20230531011

Italian logistics company seeks business partners in transport and logistics

Italian company with over 60 years‘ experience in the road transport sector, specialising in all logistics management services, is looking for agreements on transport and logistics (continuity) services in Germany and Spain. The company´s network covers services from air freight to door-to-door, from logistics management to large loads. It can handle all national and international shipments, controlling every stage of transport, and offering the security of tracking and tracing services.

Request more information: BRIT20230512022

Latvian cooperative of vegetable production is looking for vacuum packaging device

The cooperative consists of nine leading SMEs in vegetable production and sales. Main product groups are peeled potatoes, carrots, and onions, that are delivered to the largest retail store bases in Latvia. The cooperative is looking for a ready to use packaging device as soon as possible. It should manage to pack at least 1100 units of 5kg products per day.

Request more information: TRLV20230608006

Portuguese fuel wholesale / retail company seeks partners through a commercial agreement

The company offers various products such as fuels with blended biofuels, synthetic and mineral lubricants for automotive and industrial use, electric charging stations and solar panels for domestic and industrial use. As a guarantee of analytical control of an accredited body/laboratory, the company holds biofuel certificates according to standard NP EN 14214:2012+A1 2014, issued by the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation. The company´s purpose is to be expanded to include renewable energies. Intended are partnerships in the field of automotive mobility and renewable energy.

Request more information: BRPT20230518009